PixelPusher and Vektormusik @ Shunt 2007-06-22

A video of PixelPusher visualizing the electro sounds of Denmark’s own Vektormusik in the Victorian armory-cum-performance space that is Shunt (video link included).The video: PixelPusher at Shunt 2007-06-22

For those of you who have never been there, Shunt is a massive performance/installation/bar space under London Bridge. I think it used to be used as an armory originally. The soaring, vaulted brick ceilings and archways make you feel like you’ve stepped into some post-apocalyptic Victorian cavern, where the air doesn’t move and vampires probably crawl in the shadows.

The entrance is right inside London Bridge Station, this “Being John Malcovitch”-type little door that you would not usually notice on your morning commute, beyond which lies a Victorian-era parlor and then… darkness. Oh, and it’s huge.

The full line-up for the night: http://lurk.org/article/9/6-nights-at-shunt-in-june

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