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  • LivePrinter at OSHWA 2018

    LivePrinter at OSHWA 2018

    I recently presented my LivePrinter project at the Open Source Hardware Alliance Summit 2018, at MIT, Boston. The talk can be found at OSHWA 2018: Slides are LivePrinter Overview at OSHWA 2018 by Evan Raskob

  • Spoke and LivePrinter at the V&A

    Spoke and LivePrinter at the V&A

    We’ll be at the V&A for the Digital Weekend next weekend, both days.  I’ve got 2 projects – a board game for storytelling about AI, machine learning, automation, etc. and my live 3D printer project.  Make sure to sign up here!

  • writers and travellers and disorientation

    “Writers and travellers alike do their best work when they don’t know what they’re looking for; disorientation requires problem-solving.” Nathan Heller in the New Yorker Feb 1 2016

  • On Makers and Making

    Recently, on an email list I’m subscribed to, this article on Salon by Debbie Chachra came up for discussion. There are 3 points I took away from this article that are not firmly related but somehow became mixed up in this not-very-coherent rant against “Makers” and “Making.” Firstly, as some people pointed out, there is…

  • Printing Experiments on the Flashforge Creator Pro X

    Printing Experiments on the Flashforge Creator Pro X

    Background The Flashforge Creator Pro X is an early-Makerbot clone that we purchased a bunch of at Ravensbourne because they were pretty solidly built and relatively cheap.  Our lower-end 3D printers get a lot of use (and abuse!) by students from all courses, because anyone can take them out, and I find that students often…

  • 3D printing fail number 10

    3D printing fail number 10

    Oops. Too skinny – about 30mm wide in the base, 65mm tall.  shakes too much during the build.     It could also be that it’s not sticking to the base plate properly – this happened with the next print: I found that you can change the generated gcode to turn the base temperature down.…

  • Spirals just got real

    Spirals just got real

    We’re received a new shipment of Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printers at Ravensbourne and I got first crack at them to do some test printing.  It took a few attempts to get the settings right in the ReplicatorG software that they recommend for generating the printer files (hint – make sure to save models before generating…

  • Spirals workflow

    Spirals workflow

    Many PhD experiments accomplished this winter break… Processing -> Autodesk Meshmixer -> repair (mesh spiral to base) -> Maya for virtual exhibition Then, soon, 3D printing in conductive material and testing resistance – can I can use these potentiometers to control granular synthesis of the sounds they represent?

  • Sound Spirals, Provocative Plastics, Oscilloscopes, Hands

    Sound Spirals, Provocative Plastics, Oscilloscopes, Hands

    I recently gave a talk at the Provocative Plastics conference at the Museum of Design in Plastics at the Arts University Bournemouth.   My presentation slides are online, and hopefully the video of the talk will be uploaded soon (as promised). Currently, The Sound Spirals are made with some custom software fast-prototyped in Processing (yes I…

  • Spiral tests in 3D

    Spiral tests in 3D

    This weekend I’m using toxiclibs to create better 3D geometry for my 3D printable spirals, so I won’t have to use any support material and the end result will be a smoother shape that is much faster to print. I’m using splines (smooth curves) to create geometry and smooth over my blockier, hand-crafted, simply down-sampled…