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  • Free Memory in Android

    A few students of mine have been wondering about checking how much memory is being used on Android (using Processing) for their games, so I came up with a simple sketch that uses some built-in Android Debug features (reference here):

  • Augmented Reality, Dancing, Creatures

    Credits: Production, Art Direction, Illustrations, Animation: SDNA Programming, Animation: PixelPusher Recently I was asked by the visuals company SDNA to work with them on a public art game.  This would take the form of an interactive installation, shown around Worcestershire, as part of the 12 Moves Festival of Dance.  The idea was to get people, and […]

  • Video Tracking for Curtain Call

    I put a few videos of the people-tracking system I’m using for Roundhouse’s Curtain Call up on youtube:

  • Setting up for The Curtain at Roundhouse

    I have been commissioned by the Roundhouse as interactive developer on this project, working with artist and designer Joe Hardy to make his vision of a shimmering curtain of light that reacts to people’s presence a reality.

  • Protected: Kinect Hacking

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Google’s GWT for Web Games

    I’ve been (slowly) working on a side project with my students that is a Processing “games engine” – or at least, a system for developing games in a reusable and sane way using Processing, that deploys onto Android, the web, etc. Then I saw what Google’s been up to.

  • Web Audio – It is finally (almost) here?

    You might have seen that the new Angry Birds for Chrome has audio support but it falls back on Flash. Boo. Cheating. Then I saw this – – and realized that making proper music in a web browser isn’t just a far-off dream anymore. See what you can do with Javascript, the new web sound API (Chrome, Webkit, Mozilla) and Processing.js? Hmmm….

  • TEDxKids Brussels 2011

    Last week (June 1st) the gang at TWSU (Technology Will Save Us) and I took two groups of about twenty 10-yr-olds through a basic soldering workshop as part of TEDxKids Brussels 2011 This was both one of the most tiring and most inspiring workshops I’ve ever taught, with the added bonus that directly afterwards we gave our TEDx talk!

  • oops

    oops Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist This is why you should never trust the Internets. This is also how I blew out my only phototransistor and IR LED (from RadioShack! 2002! If it wasn’t blown out from sitting in the sun for 8 years, already)

  • ARToolkitPlus Cinderblock released

    I’ve finally had a moment to release this (much better) version of ARToolkitPlus for Cinder, for both Windows and OS X. Get it here: