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  • Digital trends make digital obsolete?

    I’m researching a new course for our university, and trying to decide what to call it. Amazingly, all the terms I can think of that used to describe developing computer programs and the study of them are falling out of popular usage. See the chart below from Google Trends – what does this mean about […]

  • Cee made an SVG Javascript clock video tutorial

    One of my Web Media students “Cee Shadowmuur” created a two-part video tutorial showing how to make his very cool mixer clock.

  • pollution visualisations for dfuse

    pollution visualisations for dfuse

    I was asked to do a couple of quickie visualisations of pollution-related stats (oil consumption, co2 usage) for Mike of dfuse, and decided it would be fun to try it in D3.  The resulting code is in my gihub, along with links to the data and live visualisations (with some pretty colors and animations!)

  • SVG clocks

    SVG clocks

    Inspired by my Web Media students at Ravensbourne, I made a spiral SVG clock and put it up on github You can see the clock in action here.

  • Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Success! The Mozilla Festival 2013 went very well, we created an online gameshow from scratch (including controllers) in about 2 hours and then played it! Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially Oli Evans, Alan Shaw, James Uren, and Will Pearson for hosting the quiz. The finished scoreboard system as a jsFiddle: The github repository […]

  • Teaching social skills?

    Teaching social skills?

    I’m doing a little research into group work and assessment (remember, I teach at a UK university – Ravensbourne‘s Web Media BA program, to be exact) and reading David Boud’s “Enhancing Learning through Self Assessment” in preparation for another term of new units with some fresh (for me) exercises to get students assessing one another […]

  • Computational Designer In Residence at Ravensbourne

    I’ve recently been appointed as Computational Designer at Ravensbourne, which allows me to continue developing open source software for art and design and also teaching people how to make things using software (and programmable hardware).  Just as in my TEDx talk about the need for teaching technology and creativity, Ravensbourne has graciously agreed that “Computational […]

  • Life, and Processingjs in WordPress

    Life, and how to put ProcessingJS into Wordpress the hard way.

  • Toad Particle Draw on Android

    This is a bit silly – been playing with Processing, getting into the deep geometric capabilities of toxiclibs and GLGraphics and Android. It started as a new VJ… er, “pixelist” app for live performance for a jam session celebrating our friend Olivier Ruellet’s life and untimely death last year from what we think was swine […]

  • Are Jobs Obsolete?

    My response to Douglas Rushkoff’s article “Are Jobs Obsolete” that has provoked a bit of discussion. Rushkoff is an acquired taste. Really, it’s very hard to write as much as he does and make sense the entire time, and he does it pretty well by throwing some big ideas out there and provoking thought.  But […]