December 6 2007 – Immersion at The Flea Pit, London

As always, starting around 7pm and lasting until 11:30pm, on 6 December 2007 PixelPusher will be generating and performing live visuals with with Transphormetic and possibly yesyesnono for a night of soundscapes and experimental music as part of the ever-popular, on-going Immersion series at The Flea-Pit, London E2.

Immersion 6 December 2007 Flyer

These days, most live gigs I play are as part of Spencer Mash and my Immersion series. We just celebrated Immersion’s One Year Anniversary before the last gig in October, and the nights are good as ever. It’s hard to believe that Spencer started it all a scant year ago, and in the meantime we’ve seen some of the best soundscapes, experimental techno, live noise art, and experimental visuals that I’ve heard/seen in London since I washed up here almost two years ago. If you don’t know what Immersion is about, check out the Visuals section of my site for some little video tastings.


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