ARToolKitPlus in Cinder



Well, there you go.  I decided not to use OpenFrameworks for my project, after all.  I think Cinder looks more promising.  So, I spent a few hours today getting to know Cinder, and porting the ARToolKitPlus example to it.

This is my first attempt at a “Cinderblock” port of ARToolKitPlus, and it works just fine (although I have a few questions – please read on…)  It’s rough and ready, and comes with a working example.

To install, put it in your “blocks” folder in the Cinder folder structure (probably under “cinder_0.8.2_mac” or whichever version you’ve got).  There’s an example, included. It works on my OS X 10.6 machine, but I think that it probably won’t work just yet on Windows, due to the different resource loading.  It would be great if someone sorted that out, but like I said, this is just a start.

So, about the example – I’m trying to get the screen coordinates of a tracked marker, and having trouble.  I tried using the “unproject” function I found on the forum here, and the maths look right, but in my app they don’t come out at all with the right scale.  I have a feeling it’s something simple.  If you think you can help, look at the unproject() function in the included sample project and please post an answer!

Happy reality-augmenting,